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Inner Healing and Building...

The Adventure started when I realized that doing what I was already doing actually encouraged others to do the same. It opened up the door for others to #juststart their inner healing adventure. The results came with each person unlocking their own unique strategies and blueprints for something greater than they could ever imagine.

Daily Life routines, a rooted foundation in Christ, and biz development systems and processes are extremely important to turning the dream online and work-from-home biz into a reality that's sustainable, chaos-free, and most of all you're not missing precious moments with your loved ones because of poor biz boundaries.

It's great to have a hobby, but when you're called to be a light in a dark place that means deliverance is part of your work. That's why Getting Yo' Fruit Back is essential in your faith, family, and business development process.

Your Daily Life Overcome Stratigest and Biz Conn3ct Coach

🤩Hi My Name is Angelica Stanley and I help Aspiring work-from-home mama's like you, Get it together by facing anxiety and depression so that you can uncover your God-Given Purpose and unleash your Calling. I do this through my Holy Spirit- Led Faith-Based Approach, Get Yo' Fruit Back.

On this journey you will be overcoming mindset roadblocks, setting effective goals, and creating the ultimate family & business road map- aka strategies from heaven, through my signature write, heal, and create Fruit Journal Adventure! 

"I realized how much I needed to shift my daily life"

I have been part of the Well Valley Facebook group for a long time now and it has given me daily encouragement! I enjoyed the #SpeakLifeChallenge and decided to join the When Vision Meets Purpose Membership program after being a guest on the 10 AM connection podcast. After speaking to Angelica, I realized how much I needed to shift in my daily life. My priorities were all over the place and I was going into burnout mode! She has really helped me with my journey to a Christ-Centered life in family and now business. She’s helped me Write My Story which not only brought inspiration but also so much healing to my life and I’m so blessed with the outcome so far! Thank you for helping me stay focused on seeking God during the times I felt defeated and inspiring me to start up a business, blog and podcast of my own to teach others from my overcomes.

- Tiffany Guiang, Author, Podcaster, and cofounder of CreaTIFFKAS!

"Baaaabyyyy before meeting Angelica my business life and children's life was everywhere."

Hello, there! I'm super excited to express my experience with Angelica. Since I have been doing daily life workshops I have been given the tools to get my daily life in order. Babbbbyyyy before meeting Angelica my business life and children's life was everywhere. And I don't know about you but chaos causes frustration which takes away from your creativity! If you are on the fence about joining Angelica's daily life workshops get off the fence and hope on board today!!!!

- Shanice Jones, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Mother of 8, and Founder of I am Her Academy

"You're like a midwife...You Helped me PUUUUUSH!"

From the moment God gave me the name Fearless Daughter to when I launched the website it was 9 months. You helped me PUUUUUUSH LOL


...all the marriage and family stuff I was dealing with behind the scenes just weeks leading up to the launch and the alligator that was waiting to eat me lol 


- Priscilla Gonzalez, Author, Speaker, Creator of Fearless Daughter Apparel, and Leader of the Warring Wife Community

Getting Yo' Fruit Back!

Founded on Galatians 5, we focus on one fruit at a time so that the clarity, confidence, and consistency you need for your unique healing journey is authentic through seeking first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). The true freedom you constantly seek God for but find that nothing works. The process and integral foundation of preparing for the big dream biz. That home business life that you know God created you for, yet struggle with thoughts of shame, fear, doubt, and overwhelm because you THINK God made a mistake. 

Ahem- I am excited to break the Good news-- your past, your hurts, and your choices may have caused a lot of things, however, NOTHING, can separate you from the love of God! (Romans 8: 37-39) 

God created you for a special reason. Learning how to Reflect, Repent, Rest, and Recoup (The 4 R's Toward Reconciliation) is the key to getting in position.  

By positioning yourself and allowing Holy Spirit to show you, you will discover the "Balance" God created you for so that you can walk out your Daily Life in a peace that surpasses all understanding. (Philippians 4:7) 

NO more running from BEING STILL in the Lord.

NO more chaos, confusion, and emotional roller coaster days. 

Say Goodbye to the highs and lows of anxiety and depression that cripples your daily life tasks of self-care, wife life, and mom life because you're so stuck on thinking about the future that you feel defeated before you have even started. 

Think of me as the DJ in the passenger seat helping you identify the things stopping you, move with prayer and supplication, and cheer you on as you grow through #dailylife challenges. 

Together, we focus on #dailylife routines that fit you and your family since you and your family life is the most important ministry and or business anyone could have. 

We also focus on setting effective goals. You know, the ones that seem so big- yeah, we tackle those ones. With my simple #dailylife Focus goal-setting method, you will learn to implement The 4 P's To Success so that your Bloom Goals grow as you grow.  

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