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The only 8-week self-paced course that will leave you ready to hit publish!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a published author?


Or maybe provide your clients with a tangible item that packages your expertise?



How about taking all that amazing content you have and sharing it with the world? Not only will this open up a stream of income, but it can help you Just Start that dream business! 


The Management. The Process. The Systems. The Stewardship! 


Join P2P FOR an 8-week course adventure that will have you ready to hit publish


TWO HOURS a day for 5 days a week!

Yes, we take breaks! I want to show you how fun and easy the process can be for you to start the process of generating income in your sleep, reach new people, help others from the outcomes of your overcomes, and or launch that dream biz! 


How will I know if this is for me?

🥳This is for you if you're ready to unlock your calling in serving from the outcomes of your overcomes. 


🥳This is for you if you have a book, a journal, a devotional, a workbook, and or a children's book you have always wanted to get out to the world. 

🚫This is NOT for you if you are not willing to schedule 30 minutes-120 5 days a week for 8 weeks. 


🚫This is NOT for you if you're not ready to reflect on your overcome and package them into a book or journal. 

Since this is a self-paced course you have the option to work this as you see fit. Everything Angelica Provides you is set up to help with structure, process, and success.

The Prep!

🍍Onboarding week to help you strategically plan and prepare to implement goals for the next 8 weeks.


🍍A thorough questionnaire process to help you be most successful in P2P. 


🍍During your consultation we will work to get you all the tools you need to be successful in family and business so that P2P is a fun adventure! 


🍍Virtual Group Recap, Assignment delivery, and Q&A to help you get real-time support from Angelica and fellow P2P students. 


🍍Bi-weekly Planning sessions to help you create and implement your very own PRIORITIES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM so that you run your business, it doesn't run you! 





Everything you need to help you prepare yourself, your family, and your business adventure for the next 8 weeks! 



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