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Are you looking to start your online business but not sure how to create a day-to-day plan that works for you and your family?

What about the building process? Are you unsure of which roadmap and or leader to work with? 


This one has always been the fun one for me- How do I get people to want to work with me, let alone see my content? 

I have something for you! 

This Month Long Coaching Experience is Created to help you experience BREAKTHROUGH while getting a FRESH START!

 It's addressing all the things that keep you from stopping and smelling the roses. 

It's enjoying the little day-to-day moments without the regret of never starting! 

It's being obedient to the small things so that you can mature and be faithful to more! 


This self-paced course is for you if you're: 

  1. willing to make time for lessons created to help you get it together so you can create your offer roadmap that will kickstart your business with your first LOW-TICKET OFFER!
  2. Willing to show up for yourself by dedicating time to get the course work done so that you can actually get the BREAKTHROUGH in your faith, family, and business that you have been praying and hoping for.
  3. Ready to do more than just start a business- you're ready to do some inner healing along the way! 


Are you ready to see what happens when you set yourself up for BREAKTHROUGH?

You will leave with:

  • A plan system and process that helps you focus on one thing at a time while serving your family and not leaving yourself out.
  • A process to help you identify and grow from the outcomes of your overcomes and package ONE thing so that you can get started!
  • Create your first LOW-TICKET/FREEBIE OFFER that helps you build new business tools so you can show up and deliver products and or services to your clients without breaking the bank!

Want to sell shirts

Want to sell your book

Want to sell a coaching membership?

Business Breakthrough is for you!

This course will get you the basics needed to start building and keep you on a solid foundation!


This course is for you!

Daily Life Overcome Strategist and Biz Conn3ct

🤩Hi, My Name is Angelica Stanley and I help Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs looking to work from home or start that side hustle get it together and walk out their calling.

As a stay-at-home mama, getting it together came with addressing my postpartum depression and or anxiety by facing it. 

Getting my fruit back was what unlocked my clarity confidence and consistency when it came to launching Well Valley, this podcast, groups, and courses. 

I want that for you. 

You can uncover your God-Given Purpose and unleash your Calling.

I can help you through my Holy Spirit- Led Faith-Based Approach, Get Yo' Fruit Back.

This podcast will help you get clear on your calling, Start an online business, launch a podcast, self-publish a book/journal, create a coaching program that fits your daily life and grow your faith.

🎙In this COURSE, you will discover Christ-Centered Coaching within #dailylife and Business Development, mindset work, real, raw, and relatable walking in faith inspiration, freebies, and much more!


That's Right! 

Let's get organized, package the impact you're born to create, and serve! 

Total value $297


Yours today for $49!


That's the entire Business Breakthrough Bundle that gets you to launch a freebie / low ticket offer and the systems and routines needed to run a family and business-


Now, because I know what it's like to have questions while working through a course like this- I'm opening up POCKET COACHING for this product only!

That means that for $97 you get this ecourse and 30- days of pocket coaching with Angelica so you can ask the questions that matter most and unpack them in a private chat during Angelica's Business hours.

Choose a pricing plan

Business Breakthrough ecourse


Business BREAKTHROUGH with Angelica + 14 days POCKET COACHING

Get 14 days with Angelica during office hours to unpack this course. Since Business likes calculated speed, studies have shown that when students are held accountable and able to make quick yet safe choices without the fear of failure, they are more successful in the longevity of their business. 

That's what we want at Well Valley! To help you build a sustainable online business! 

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